GST Changes in SAP

GST (Goods and Service Tax) is the path-breaking activity which was taken By Indian Government in the most recent Indian business situation. It is the thing that the Government says like one Nation one duty one market. GST is the biggest tax that reforms in India since post independence. It is planned that GST will be implementing in India from 1st July 2017. Every aspect of business will get affected by GST like sales and distribution, Finance, accounts payable, bill passing team, Supply Chain, Logistics, IT and ERP’s also.


Service pack released by SAP and which are mandatory to be implemented. Those are basically to activate the GST level changes on the screen level. Secondly for implementation of GST the customers should be one tax INN procedure. All those customers were still running on tax ING procedure need to be migrated to text INN procedure. These are the two mandatory steps which need to be performed before the GST implementation. Only registered entities need to file their invoices through the GST network. However, SAP is planning to provide required interfaces to upload the invoice in the GST network. We are well prepared what makes the functionality smooth for our customers to upload their invoices on the GST network. We at VSD are ready to help organizations which are running on SAP to make them GST ready.

Benefits of SAP GST
  • Easy Compliance
  • Uniformity
  • Removal of Cascading
  • Improved Competition
  • Relief in overall tax burden
  • Single and transparent tax proportionate to the value of goods and services
  • Better Control
  • Improved Tax Revenue
  • Cross Utilization Allowed
Impacts of SAP GST
  • Existing Registration
  • Vendor’s vendors
  • Customer’s customer
  • Logistic Network
  • Purchase Scenarios
  • Sales Scenarios
  • Utilization
  • Inter Company Transfers
  • Various Reporting Requirements
  • Infrastructure change in order to connect with the GST Portal
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