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SAP Fiori

Fiori is new user interface information provided by SAP. In fact, a high rate of individuals that work in SAP and SAP deals don’t comprehend what Firor is themselves, in any event not in detail. It is unclear how much SAP has shared with account executive on the subject of Fiori, but upon performing this research, it is concluded that the real story on Fiori is not what is expressed in the market. Fiori is a set of cross-device applications that among other things, allows the user to start a process on their desktop and continue it on a tablet and smart phones. Now a day SAP is developing new apps called Fiori, which is the latest user interface framework, SAP UI5.

SAP Fiori Implementation

SAP Fiori Overview

SAP Fior is a compilation of applications that embody the SAP user experience standard. These offered applications is a regular basic design language and with the help of common technical infrastructure. By obscuring conventional registering limits and by utilizing intelligent and alluring UI components, they give a reliable end-to-end client encounter and cab be utilized over all gadget sorts without making extra execution effort. SAP Fiori is an accumulation of applications that speaks to the new SAP client encounter globally. 

SAP Fiori Overview

SAP Fiori offers different business parts a straightforward, simple to-utilize involvement for SAP programming capacities, and works flawlessly on desktop, tablets, or cell phone.

Before years ago, we have developed dashboard solution that is applicable to the customer’s service area and with various analyses; SAPUI5 was chosen as the technology that the solution would be implemented. SAP Fiori Overview is the Dashboard functions pretty well and fulfills all the project requirements of the organization. This application is used by the employees as it illustrates the relevant information very clearly. SAP has developed the Fiori Overview Pages for scenarios in which an employee can gain an overview of a particular area and develop deeper into the data base and initiate follow up activities.


Advantages of Fiori Apps

Advantages of Fiori Apps
  • The SAP Fiori Apps can be able to access from anywhere and from any device like Desktop / Laptop / Tablet / Mobile.
  • Other than Database operations all the functionalities can be executed at client side only, because this Fiori app is stateless.
  • The working performance of the Firori apps perform fast as compared to ABAP apps due to server didn’t overload during the Execution.
  • Usually the Fiori apps underpins more than 150 screen components for screen designing like Table, Text, Radio button, Road map, Panel, Autocomplete, Combo Box, and Shell etc.
  • The screens of fiori apps are less over loaded.
  • Fiori supports 3 types of OData services for data base interaction such as OData External, OData Hana and Odata Abap Services.

SAP Fiori Architecture

SAP Fiori Architecture
  • We have developed the Fiori apps with SAP UI5 screen elements
  • SAP Fiori can be operated in all devices like Tablet / Mobile / Laptops / Desktops.
  • With the support of Net weaver gateway the database of Fiori application interacts.
  • MVC is actualized in building Fiori Apps.
  • The meaning for MVC architecture is Model, View and Controller in model deals with data base operations.
  • The view represents the screen element like table, text, radio button, combo box, shell etc.
  • The controller acts as a mediator between model and view for sending and receiving data by consuming OData service.
  • The controller contains implementation under Event Handlers and also it contains front end validations.
  • We can accomplish re-ease using MVC architecture.
SAP Fiori Launchpad

We are leading service provider of SAP Fiori Launchpad that is known as the entry point to Fiori apps system on mobile and desktop devices. This app contains various tiles in Fiori system. Further, these tiles are square objects that are used to access different Fiori Apps. SAP Fiori tiles run on different device types and offers a single point of access for business applications such as transactional, analytical, factsheet, smart business apps.

SAP Fiori Launchpad

When you launch the Fiori Lunchpad, it just shows fiorilaunchpad.html as the finish of the URL. This is on account of the fiorilaunchpad.html is the main HTML recor, which is stacked to the program, making it the main SAPUI5 root application. If you are a customer using Launch page this is different in that the launch page had an index.htmll for each application. This change gives a more comprehensive client encounter by permitting page route and moves.

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